Consulting in the field of non-destructive testing - NDT Consulting

Consulting in the field of non-destructive testing

  • Consulting services for non-destructive testing;
  • Consulting services for the selection of equipment for NDT;
  • Consultations on the choice of non-destructive testing methods and regulatory documents for non-destructive testing;
  • Drawing up contracts for the provision of services for nondestructive testing;
  • Recommendations on the choice of contract organizations - laboratories NK;
  • Audit of non-destructive testing laboratories;
  • Development of technical specifications, TT, TK, methods of control, normative documents;
  • Development of a database of nondestructive testing results, databases of working time records;
  • Consultations on obtaining permissive documents at the NK laboratory and personnel.


To date, in the field of nondestructive testing, a huge number of issues, contradictions and non-standard situations have accumulated, which are not regulated by normative documentation. Such situations can create complex tasks, the solution of which is our organization. Our goal is to help you in the shortest possible time to find a legal, legally "clean" way of solving your problems.


In doing so, in the process of solving your problem, we:


  • We will select the necessary normative documentation and literature;
  • Let me get in touch with experts in this field;
  • We will assist in the search for organizations and specialists;
  • Collect feedback on their work;
  • Prepare a report with our suggestions for solving your problems.


Our analytical team includes:


  • Employees of academic organizations (universities, research institutes);
  • Nondestructive testing specialists II and III levels;
  • Current experts in the field of industrial safety;
  • Manufacturers of equipment and accessories for NK;
  • Experts on accreditation;
  • Programmers;
  • Surveyors;
  • Lawyers.

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