Non-destructive testing laboratory - NDT Consulting

Non-destructive testing laboratory

Laboratory of Nondestructive Testing "NDT-Consulting" carries out non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics of objects. The laboratory has all the necessary licenses for monitoring equipment, materials and welded joints by non-destructive methods in the manufacture, construction, installation, repair, reconstruction and technical diagnosis of facilities.


Control methods

LLC "NDT-Consulting" applies the following non-destructive testing methods:


  • Radiation control.
  • Ultrasonic inspection.
  • Acoustic emission.
  • Magnetic control.
  • Eddy current testing.
  • Capillary inspection.
  • Visual and measuring control.
  • Vibration control.
  • Thermal imaging control.
  • Method of magnetic memory of metals.


The laboratory conducts non-destructive testing of welded joints, concrete, building structures and is certified for the following types of facilities:

1. Objects of boiler inspection:

  • Steam and hot water boilers;
  • Vessels working under pressure above 0.07 MPa;
  • Pipelines of steam and hot water with operating vapor pressure of more than 0.07 MPa and water temperature above 115 * C;

2. Gas supply systems (gas distribution).
3. Lifting facilities:

  • Hoisting cranes;
  • Lifts (towers);
  • Pipe-laying cranes;
  • Cranes-manipulators;
  • Lift platforms for disabled people;
  • Crane tracks.

4. Oil and gas industry equipment:

  • Equipment of gas and oil pumping stations;
  • Gas and oil product pipelines;
  • Reservoirs for oil and petroleum products.

5. Equipment for explosive and hazardous chemical production.

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