Our Services - NDT Consulting

Consulting in the field of non-destructive testing

To date, in the field of nondestructive testing, a huge number of issues, contradictions and non-standard situations have accumulated, which are not regulated by normative documentation. Such situations can create complex tasks, the solution of which is our organization. Our goal is to help you in the shortest possible time to find a legal, legally "clean" way of solving your problems.

Non-destructive testing laboratory

Laboratory of Nondestructive Testing "NDT-Consulting" carries out non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics of objects. The laboratory has all the necessary licenses for monitoring equipment, materials and welded joints by non-destructive methods in the manufacture, construction, installation, repair, reconstruction and technical diagnosis of facilities.

Heat treatment of welds

Local heat treatment of welded joints reduces residual welding stresses, improves the structure of the weld metal and heat affected zone, improves and stabilizes the mechanical and special (heat resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.) properties of steel.

Examination Center

Certification of flaw detectors involves conducting consulting classes, introductory laboratory work and passing a qualifying exam.