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X-ray inspection

Radiographic inspection of welded joints

X-ray inspection is now actively used to detect various defects in welds and joints. For 20 years, our company has accumulated extensive experience in the use of the radiographic method of nondestructive testing using equipment and materials of various levels of complexity.

The method is based on different absorption by X-ray materials, and the degree of absorption directly depends on the atomic number of the elements and the density of the medium of a particular material. The presence of defects such as cracks, inclusions of foreign materials, slags and pores leads to the fact that the X-rays are weakened to some extent. By registering their intensity with X-ray control, one can determine the presence, as well as the location of various material inhomogeneities. This method has shown its effectiveness in the radiographic inspection of welded joints.


Radiographic inspection of pipelines

Today, radiographic inspection of pipelines has become very widespread - with qualitative radiographic inspection of pipe welds, it is possible to quickly detect defects and avoid leakage of liquids and materials passing through pipes. X-ray flaw detection is successfully used in the control of oil and gas pipelines, metal structures, as well as technological equipment and composite materials in various industries.